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What’s the Difference Between Inbound & Outbound Lead Generation?

Inbound & Outbound Lead: Depending upon your audience and your business needs you can opt for Inbound & Outbound Lead . While there are some industries that are completely gaga over inbound techniques, there are others who feel outbound tactics becomes a better fit.So you see you need to understand which is better fit for you or does your business have a place for both Inbound & Outbound Lead generation in your marketing mix.

So, here is an introduction to both outbound and inbound lead generation:

What is outbound lead generation?

Outbound lead generation, refers to the situation where you send a message, or email directly to your client. It is you, not your client, that determines the type and timing of this interaction.

What is inbound lead generation?

Inbound is the antonym of outbound. Here you won’t be reaching out to prospects, rather than that you lay out a trail of content and information and that your prospects can follow to march towards your company. Here the individual prospect chooses the timing and type of the interaction.

So what are the Differences between inbound and outbound lead generation

There are many differences between outbound and inbound lead generation campaigns like:

Attributes Outbound Inbound
Timing of interaction You choose Your prospect chooses
Medium of interaction You choose Your prospect chooses
Duration of campaign Finite Indefinite
Cost profile short term, higher cost Long term, lower cost
Key mediums Direct mail, email, telephone & web Web, email, social media & search engines
Marketing skills needed Planning, copywriting, graphic design & web All of those for outbound, plus internet marketing, PR, social media & SEO

It might surprise you though that both inbound and outbound lead generation share some Similarities too:

Similarities Inbound and outbound
Objectives Both methods seek to generate leads for the business to sell to
Importance of audience Understanding your audience well is key to successful lead generation by either method
Need for incentives Both call for incentives to motivate the greatest response from your target audience
Lead nurturing Leads generated by either strategy require nurturing and, ultimately, converting into sales.

Choosing the right one for you?

To be fair, both inbound and outbound lead generation strategies can create good results for your business and, if the budget allows, I recommend utilising both. While Inbound lead generation has the potential to bring in leads at a lower cost per lead, outbound lead generation, if planned correctly, can produce a welcome boost in opportunities.

Haya Abidi