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Are you a Cold Email Marketer? Facts You should Know !!

What is cold email marketing?              

Cold email is an unsolicited email sent to random peoples without their consent.

Unsolicited generally means something sent even if there is no need of it. Marketing done through email is known as cold email marketing.

Let me get into the topic.


Things cold email marketers should have.

Cold email marketing isn’t a cup of tea. It is difficult than normal marketing. We get customers time in normal marketing but in cold marketing, I prefer not to explain it’s difficulty. Only when we impress them we can get their attention, so here it is, the first thing cold marketer should have.


How to present and whom to present. As we all know “First impression is the best impression”. Each and every cold marketer should have and know this technique, even normal marketers should have this. This is an art. Presentation is the prime thing and also the mightiest thing. Human psychology says that “humans have a wavering mindset, they get distracted to things easily”


Now we all know why we boys get attracted to girls, right?

When a marketer puts in something unusual or extraordinary presentation, he can get their attention. I don’t believe in formal way of presentation, informal way would be more effective. Present generation are more attracted to emotion. So emotional chord is also an option.


Rather than going by age old technique of presentation we should stick to new techniques, like humor. These are the days of stress and work pressure. They would be stressed out due to their work. In INDIA first we do engineering or any degree and then we decide upon what to do in our life. Due to external pressure we prefer to go to any job in order to earn money. So we can target these audience through humor. This is the reason why comedy film tend to become successful venture. So content presented through humor would be apt.


The audience and reception of cold marketing is low. I haven’t even read a single cold email in my inbox. First thing is that it follows age old fashion of presentation and secondly the thing mentioned in the mail is no way related to me. So one should also consider the audience to whom mail should be sent. For example for books related marketing, they should target female sections as they are more into reading than male population. Like this we should segregate the population to whom the mail should be sent.


Time is a precious as well as important thing. Marketers should consider the time at which mail is sent. People’s won’t even bother to read something during their work time especially mail’s. So the time should also be kept in mind. We, current generation prefer to read during night. Insomnia is a common nowadays. Research says that human brain would tend to be more calm and loving at night time. So things aimed at younger generation should go for night time. And working population would be busy throughout the week even on weekends they would want to watch movie or partying. This population is more reluctant in reading these mail, stating it as a spam one. So for them around 8pm-10pm would be apt. the humor content I mentioned above should be targeted towards this section.


Quick is the word we all love. We prefer Bugatti over Benz as Bugatti is way faster. We see more duke than splendor. So as I said quick is something we love. Short and sweet is better than brag and go. So here is third thing


Too lengthy is too boringgggggg….

The length of mail is very important. People have tendency to laugh at sarcastic comment rather than joke conveyed through stories and all. Chandler has more loving population than that of Ross (from friends series in case you don’t know it).

The reason i related series to this is that, short jokes or content have more reception than that of bigger one. Make it short and simple. Humans would rather read small messages than big one. We would prefer to watch a 2hr movie than 3hr long move. Even if we notice our surrounding, we will know about how time is given more and more importance. T20 has more reception than test cricket. This is the reason why IPL became hit. So people would love to spend less time and to get maximum essence.


Students prefer to study the day before exam and to get maximum essence out of what they read and pass in it. So the marketer should prefer to stick to shorter mails but the content should not lack the specification of the object or for what marketing is done. The essence should be perfect and should be shorter and also it should be humorously expressed.

Haya Abidi